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VFormation Youth Group

In 2008, a youth group called Catholics In Action (CIA) was formed to develop leaders to inspire the future of the church. In 2010, CIA expanded into VFormation and was open to all confirmed members of Most Precious Blood Parish. VFormation has over 60 registered members, with approximately 40 members in attendance at weekly Wednesday meetings. The group has collectively contributed thousands of community service hours and aids in running many parish events.

The purpose of VFormation is to foster spiritual and personal growth in youth and young adults to become the best version of themselves with proper education and support. VFormation is founded on four pillars: spirituality, service, fellowship, and education, which encompasses moral education, cultural education, and leadership training. All of the youth group’s meetings, activities, or events relates to one or more of these pillars—planning and attending retreats, organizing cultural events, visiting nursing homes, volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house, etc.

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